State Legislation

Every legislative session, the NDFU Legislative Team and members track, lobby and testify on bills that are of concern to members based on our Program of Policy & Action.

Our primary focus during the 65th Legislative Assembly is agricultural, economic and social policies. We are especially focused on:

  • Upholding the state’s current Corporate Farming Law
  • Defending the need for state agricultural research
  • Monitoring funding for state programs that provide quality of life and education for rural areas
  • Advocating for landowner rights and improved reclamation practices
  • Protecting current property tax relief in North Dakota

NDFU’s legislative team is busy representing the policy and concerns of our members. They are Kayla Pulvermacher, Director of Member Advocacy; Dane Braun, Agricultural Strategist; and Kristi Schlosser Carlson, General Counsel. They are available on a daily basis to answer any questions you may have on issues and legislation they are monitoring.

Here’s a list of some of the bills NDFU is currently tracking:


HB 1126: Relating to public warehouse and grain buyer licensing and insolvencies of public warehouses and grain buyers.

SB 2020: Budget for the North Dakota State University Extension Service, Northern Crops Institute, Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute, main research center, branch research centers, and agronomy seed farm.

• SB 2289: Relating to prohibited practices under farm equipment dealership contracts, dealership transfers, and reimbursement for warranty repair.

• HB 1301: Relating to bonding for the cost of care for animals seized by law enforcement.

• HB 1240: Relating to industrial hemp; to provide a continuing appropriation; and to declare an emergency.


• HB 1151: Relating to the reporting of well pad or oil and gas production facility fluid spills.

• HB 2225: Relating to criminal trespass and hunting on private land; and to repeal Section 20.1-01-17 of the North Dakota Century Code, relating to the posting of lands.

• SB 2236: Relating to the pipeline restoration and reclamation oversight program and records of program participants.


• SB 2336: Relating to contributions to and expenditures of campaigns for initiated or referred measures.