Member Benefits


  1. Go to on your smart phone or mobile device.
  2. Click on the member portal link.
  3.  Enter your email address or Member ID to log into the portal.
  4. Click on the “Download Member ID” button to the right of your name. (Every family member has their own card that must be downloaded separately to their own mobile device.)
  5. Save image to photo app, home screen, iBooks or whatever app or location you prefer to view your card.

*If you don’t have online access or a smart phone, no worries! Click on “Print” in the member portal to download a paper copy of your card that you can present to retailers for discounts. If you want to receive a paper copy, call 1-800-366-8331.


NDFU encourages you to compare prices, services, and products before purchasing. NDFU does not endorse any provider or their products. If you have questions or concerns about the provider’s products or services, contact the provider directly. NDFU is not responsible for any disputes between you and a provider.

One Card, Benefits Galore            Membership Card with Fake Text

NDFU membership is just $30 per year per family (includes immediate family members under 21). Check out all the great discounts you’ll receive with your membership card by clicking on an icon below.

What kind of benefits can I get through Farmers Union?

As a North Dakota Farmers Union member, you will enjoy the following benefits:

Do I have to show my NDFU card to get the discounts?

Yes. In 2016, members will receive a temporary membership card in the mail when dues are paid. Once you receive your temporary card,  log in to the membership portal to view and save a membership card image to your smart phone. You can use a photo viewer of your choice. Present your electronic card at participating merchants at time of purchase. The electronic card allows benefits to be added at any time.

How do I get my electronic member card?

Go to the membership portal  and enter your email address or member ID number. First time users can reset their password by using the forgot password link below the log in. If we have electronic contact information for you, we will send you a link to reset. If you are a first-time member or we don’t have your electronic contact information, give us a call at 800-366-8331. Once in the portal, you will select “members” to view your information. There, you will select “download” for an image of your member card. You can also select “print” to print your member card at home.

If you don’t have computer access or a smart phone, call 800-366-8331 and request a hard copy of your membership card.

How do I find out what hotels offer discounts?

Because hotel discounts change weekly, the website offers the most up-to-date listings. If you don’t have a computer or internet access, call the office at 800-366-8331 to request information about your desired location.

How can I find out what other new benefits are offered?

Each month, the Union Farmer magazine will highlight membership benefits. Go to the website for the most up-to-date benefit list or call the office at 800-366-8331 to ask about benefits if you don’t have internet access.

I didn’t pay for my Farmers Union membership. Why am I receiving a Union Farmer magazine?

Some local cooperatives pay for their patron memberships based on the amount of business you provide. Your membership could also have been paid through your local Farmers Union Insurance coverage. You can call the NDFU state office at 800-366-8331 to find out the details of how your membership was paid but in the meantime, enjoy the benefits!

What do membership dues support?

Your $30 membership dues are distributed as follows: $3.50 is applied to your county Farmers Union, $13.50 applied to the state Farmers Union, $8 goes to National Farmers Union and $5 covers the Union Farmer magazine subscription. These fees are set as a package so members can’t pick and choose items to eliminate. Overall, membership provides:

  • Advocacy for family farm agriculture, cooperatives and rural communities on the state and federal level, through the legislative process.
  • Promotion and development of farmer-owned cooperatives.
  • Youth and adult education on agricultural issues and cooperatives through conferences, bus tours and a statewide youth camping program.
  • A full-service, member-owned insurance agency.
  • Union Farmer magazine – your source for the latest agricultural, cooperative and legislative news coverage.
  • Family events that provide information on current farm and rural issues.
  • Scholarships and summer camp opportunities for youth
  • North Dakota Farmers Union summer camping program (grades 3-12).
I don’t live on a farm or ranch. Can I still be a member of Farmers Union?

Anyone can be a North Dakota Farmers Union (NDFU) member. Whether you live on a farm or in the city, North Dakota Farmers Union is right for you. And with membership dues of $30, it’s an easy way to invest in the well-being of our state.